Songwriting Contests are held quarterly and are open to all Singer/Songwriters.  The winners of each contest will have an opportunity to perform their winning songs at one of our CCSW Presents Songwriter Showcases.

 General Contest Rules:

  • Fee: $10 per song submitted.  Fee must be paid in full for submissions to be accepted.
  • Only Original Music will be accepted.
  • Lyrics must also be included for every song submitted.
  • Digital submissions preferred, but mail-in submissions are accepted if received before the stated deadline.
  • Submissions do NOT have to be professionally recorded or mastered; however, we do encourage you to submit the recordings that best showcase your songwriting style.

Important Notes:

  • Submit as many songs as you want–BUT, each songwriter may only have ONE song in the top 5 finalists.
    (example: John Smith submits 4 songs and 2 of those songs have high scores–BUT, only his TOP-RATED song makes it into the Top 5)
  • REQUIRED: song file(s), LYRICS, and contact form

 How the Contest/Judging Process Works:

  • All submissions will be “anonymized” by CCSW Secretary Abby Janca Wieland before judging takes place.  The purpose of this step is to keep the focus on the song itself rather than the author(s).
  • After submission deadline: CCSW Board members review all songs in anonymous format, complete a numbers-based scorecard for every song. (Scorecard will be posted here soon for your reference)
  • All scorecards are then collected and recorded in a spreadsheet for averaging.
  • The top 5 songwriters are then calculated and announced to the public via CCSW website and Facebook page.
  • Still in anonymous form, the 5 finalists’ songs are then sent to 5 independent judges.
    Note: if a songwriter has more than one song in the top 5, only their highest-ranked song will move on to the finalist round. Each judge goes thru the same scoring process and adds personal feedback/critiques for each finalist.
  • Judges send their scorecards back to CCSW Secretary for NEW Average calculation.
  • Scores calculated, winners and runners-up to be announced at the next CCSW Song Swap.


  • All 5 finalists receive some sort of prize for placing;
    special prize packages for top 3 winners;
    the 1st place winner will be offered a showcase slot at the next CCSW Festival.
  • The winning song from each quarterly contest will be collected as Nominees for the Best Original Song award at the Annual CCSW Festival to be held in February.
  • Songwriters making the TOP THREE picks of each contest will be collected as Nominees for the Songwriter of the Year award at the Annual CCSW Festival to be held in February.