Who We Are

Corpus Christi Songwriters (CCSW) – an extension of Corpus Christi PATCH, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization – is dedicated to providing resources, education and a spring-board for local songwriters in the Corpus Christi area.

Founded in 2014, CC Songwriters hosts several events throughout the year – including In The Rounds (an open stage for original music only) the second Sunday of EVERY MONTH at Executive Surf Club; CCSW Presents: Showcases every April, August and November at The Churchyard and other popular Corpus Christi venues; Workshops and Retreats throughout the year, and the Corpus Christi Music Awards & Conference, to be held every February.

As an association, we offer membership incentives, programs, contests, and more!

CC Songwriters: In The Rounds

Corpus Christi Songwriters’ mission is to spread the interest in original music around Corpus Christi and its surrounding areas. The Corpus Christi Songwriters “In The Rounds” is held on the second Sunday of every month at Executive Surf Club, creating an intimate environment welcoming new and seasoned songwriters to share their songs with an attentive and engaged audience. CCSW hosts the series with an invited Featured Guest Artist.

The format is simple: each songwriter is allowed to perform TWO (2) songs (they can be new songs, or old songs, but they must be ORIGINAL songs). Once everyone has shared their songs, stories and inspirations behind them, the cycle will begin again, limited to 1 song each, until midnight.

CC Songwriters Music Awards & Conference – 

CCSW hosts an annual Music Awards show and Conference held each February during our Festival, featuring awards given to songwriters and performers nominated by our community and CCSW Board of Directors (who will not be eligible for nominations), and judged by a non-partial / outside Jury. A conference will also be held, featuring Keynote Speakers, Workshops, etc.

CC Songwriters Presents: Showcases

Dedicated to spotlighting some of the best, daring and uniquely regional original music, CCSW invites 4-5 regional songwriters to perform every April, August and November at The Churchyard – one of the best live music venues in the Coastal Bend.

CC Songwriters Contests

Corpus Christi Songwriters (CCSW) offers three Songwriting Contests per year (Spring, Fall, Winter). Our Board and selected Jury will rate each song submitted, and award the TOP THREE songs, with the highest-rated song as WINNER.

CCSW Members are offered ONE (1) FREE submission per contest. Multiple submissions are accepted, but the Contest Fee must be paid. Non-members are welcome to submit, as long as Contest Fee is paid in full before submission.

The winning song from each quarterly contest will be collected as Nominees for the Best Original Song category at our yearly Music Awards & Conference held during the Corpus Christi Songwriters Festival in February.

The songwriters with the most songs to make the TOP THREE picks of each contest will be collected as Nominees for the Best Songwriter category at the Music Awards & Conference.

CC Songwriters Retreat – Coming Soon

We will host one Summer Songwriting Retreat in June of each year – kicking off on Thursday evening, and culminating with a live concert premiering each new song on Saturday night. The retreat will operate as an artist’s haven, and be all-inclusive with meals, lodging and writing materials included in the ticket price.

CC Songwriters Workshops – 

Our organization sponsors and hosts one major Songwriting Workshop each year in February – during the annual Corpus Christi Music Awards & Conference, and throughout the year at The Churchyard.

We also support the Corpus Christi branch of the Nashville Songwriters Association (NSAi) Workshop/Meeting – held the first Tuesday of every month at The Veranda (Schlitterbahn).

CC Songwriters Hall of Fame – 

Every year, Corpus Christi Songwriters will induct two honorees into our “Hall of Fame”. Honorees must be of regional “Legend” status or possess some, if not all, of the following criteria:

  1. Passion for our city
  2. Work ethic and vision falls in line with CCSW mission
  3. Quality songwriter
  4. Unwavering support of CCSW and all of our endeavors

Inductees will receive an honorary lifetime membership to CCSW, receive a special award, and  honored at the annual CCSW Music Awards & Conference (during the Corpus Christi Songwriters Festival every February).