2016 Hall of Fame Inductees


Tom Whitehurst is pretty sure he was born to be opinion editor of the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, his day job. But he also was meant to be a rock star (still to come), despite what his wife thinks. He credits #CCSongwriters for butt-kicking him into writing more songs, which he says are a lot harder to write than editorials or columns. He’s not sure how to label his music but is forever surprised at how twangy it turned out. Tom was born in Corpus Christi and went to Carroll High School and the University of Texas. Hearing his daughter Olivia sing gives him chills (the good kind) and he’s pretty sure he’s not alone in that.




Matt Hole came to the USA in 1992 with just a suit case and didn’t know anyone. Being illegal at the time, Matt eventually found work and proceeded to “work my ass off." Matt Hole and The Hot Rod Gang formed in 1994 and went on to record three CDs, tour and Matt still continues to play to this day.

2016 CCSW Hall of Fame Honorees: Josh Glenn, Jake Ward, and Ty Dietz.